Monday, 26 September 2011

Oh yeah, I got a blog!

Whoah. Talk about a memory bubble. I totally forgot I started this thing. The whole point was to blog to help me remember things....and I go and forget about the blog. I am in big big big trouble!

So to bring you up to speed I've finished a commissioned baby-clothes quilt:

These are my new favorite things to quilt. It is so much fun working with the itsy bitsy clothing and deciding which pieces to combine to make the funnest blocks. I can't wait to have the chance to make another one.

I am almost complete with my Autumn quilt. I just have to finish the binding. That may take me another month. We will see.

I am giving up on my favorite sewing machine and returning it to my mother-in-law. The Designer SE is going home. It refused to sew through multiple layers of denim today so I had to trek down and fish out my 30 year old White out of the cupboard.
And then it hit me - I used to free-motion quilt on the White. Why not do it again? The tension, etc., is so easy to play with.
So bye bye modern sewing machine!