Wednesday, 4 April 2012

WIP Wednesday, Whoah already?

Yoiks! I cannot believe it's already Wednesday again! Where did Thursday - Tuesday go?

It was an unusually busy week around the Toddler house last week.

I finished four tops. Got  caught up on a ridiculous amount of laundry. This laundry caused me to not sew over the weekend. My poor machine babies didn't run for three whole days. They were almost dusty when I used them.

We traveled to catch an NHL game. The Toddler was the only one who wore her jersey. Us adults were too embarrassed by the poor performance of our Leafs to wear ours.


As usual, nothing from my list!

Lace diaper cover.

Lace ruffled leggings (see a theme?)

In Progress:

  • Two custom baby clothes quilts.  
  • Mother-in-law's Asian curtain/quilt. One quilted, one to go. No progress.
  • My t-shirt quilt. No progress on this guy, either :(

On hold:
  • Wedding dress quilt. Not mine, but for a customer. Waiting on the dress to arrive.
  • SIL's baby clothes quilt. Waiting for photos of the kids to print for the final three blocks. 
On the Chair:
My 2nd Anniversary Wholecloth quilt.

Socking up!!

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