Monday, 18 November 2013

I Haz Blog?

If nothing else, I am fantastically great at forgetting things. Probably I would forget my head if it wasn't attached to my neck. Thankfully, my neck is also attached to my body which is pretty hard to forget.
My blog on the other hand is really easy for me to forget. I would need a reminder on my reminder to remember it. Every time I see a friend post a link to their blog I think "Oh man I should write about blablabla." followed quickly by "Oh hey there's something pretty!" and this blog is once again forgotten. Doomed to spend its life in the backwaters of Blogdom with all the other neglected blogs.
It has become clear to me that no matter how many times I vow "I will not forget!" I'm going to forget. Like when I declare I'm going to keep my kitchen spotless, or my thread organized. Simple to say, not so simple for me to accomplish. Organization is just not part of my brain makeup. And that is ok, because like Miranda Lambert says (or the guys who write her songs), it takes all kinds of kinds. I happen to be the scatterbrained kind.
There have been a few finishes since my last post. The baby has gotten older and the Toddler has gotten more preschoolish. We made a trip to California to visit family. Until I can get my thoughts together enough to write a post about them all, please enjoy the follow photo of The Baby and The Hellhund.

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