Friday, 14 October 2011

Where did the time go?

It's been a couple of weeks and I feel like I have gotten next to nothing accomplished. This isn't actually true, but I feel that way all the same. So for review:
Two denim skirts for client, done.

Autumn quilt, done.

House is clean and organized. My laundry is up to date.

And now with all of the space in my brain I have ideas bouncing around but nothing to make them with. The really crappy part about not having a job is not having money. I don't want to be materialistic. I consider myself an artist (ha, ha) and it's terribly hard to do much of anything with out materials to work with.

My fabric stash is down to bare bones. I did make the fantastic discovery of a bunch of half-square triangles and strips a couple of days ago that I will make my darling daughter a little huggy quilt out of. What's stopping me? I have one single sewing machine needle left that I need to use to finish some hats for the local children's hospital. Nothing is stopping me from doing those, just myself. But now that I am caught up on my "chores" next week I can work on the hats. And if my needle survives, I can work on the huggy quilt.

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