Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

First - the important news: Baby Trent was born on the 11th. His family got to love and snuggle on him for almost three hours before he went back home. Too precious to stay on earth for very long, but a big enough blessing to reach all of us in such a short time.

I'm told he had a full head of hair :)

We had a nice dusting dumping of snow last week that's still sticking around. I'm very happy that winter finally decided to visit us in the Great White North. 

Our church hosted a Date Night Challenge this past Friday which the hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed. This weeks date will be the usual, but I'm going to think up something different for next week! Probably. Hopefully!

I was so excited yesterday to get my first customer review of the nursing tank I have up on my Etsy store. The customer loved them. Yipee! What's better in business than a happy customer?

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