Wednesday, 31 October 2012

WIP it Good!

This is slightly frightening - I haven't taken stock of my WIPs (works in progress) since April. 

Oh boy. 

 The list is long. Really, really long. Be prepared, this'll be painful. 

Stuff finished since April, limited ONLY to quilts: 

Two small baby clothes quilts 

Three medium tshirt quilts 

One large baby clothes quilt (Oorah Love)

One small, double-sided baby clothes quilt 

A quilt for my cousin's baby boy (thankfully I didn't pick out the fabric on this one...

A quilt/nursery setup

Bavarian Rose twin-sized ( finished photo coming once I have some sunshine here!)

Mother-in-Law's quilted curtains. They're finished, but she's doing something more to them so they have never been hung up. I don't expect to see them up. Ever.

Some of those are going to get their own posts eventually, a few are not. 


My baby clothes quilt with clothes from The Toddler
The Toddler's big girl bed quilt
Sister-in-Law's baby clothes quilt. STILL waiting for photos from her.
Maternity shirts for me! Wahoo!! 

My wholecloth quilt. So sad. 

Whew. The list goes on, but that's all I can do for now. Yikes.

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  1. Woohoo! So glad to see you catching up and dusting off the blog!!

    1. It had about an inch of fabric fuzzies covering it...