Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Very Nearly Finished

So excited here! The Get Up Quilt is 90% completed. All that's left is the binding and thread snipping.

Here are the update photos (it was MEGA windy outside, hard to get the quilt to hold still):

 I am a little sad that the quilting doesn't pop better, but with the dark and busy fabrics, I didn't think that it would.
The outer border is meandering stars, the sashing is straight-line and the actual blocks vary depending on the subject on the tshirt. My next post (with finished photos!) will have close-ups of the block designs.

My next project is a family tree memory quilt. The fabric comes in next Monday for that one and I'll be starting right away so as to finish before Christmas. It'll be tight since we're going on a mini-vacation to Boston next week, too.

It's really good that A will sleep through just about anything. The next door neighbors are having a cement walkway poured and between the workers laughing, banging tools and the actual cement truck itself I think I'm getting a headache.

Off to bind!

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