Friday, 30 December 2011

The Beginning of Catchup

My favorite condiment of all time. Ketchup.  I could probably put it on anything. 

Mid month I finished the Evol Quilt. A lovely BBC woman suggested the name...I love the way the quilt turned out but man alive was it difficult to get finished. Everything that could go wrong with it did. I just about needed to bash my brains in.

The "real" name of the quilt is a Scantling Breeze for the head of the fantastic family it was commissioned for. 

The birds and some of the maple leaf stems are made out of various clothing items sent up to me from the customer. Each of the special stems has a name embroidered on it of the person who donated the clothing piece.

It's been a while since I put the Designer SE through its paces, but the thread painting (free-hand embroidery) of the birds did the trick. 

Backed in minkee and custom-quilted. This guy is my new second favorite. Leopard Love is still my favorite. Kelli is lucky she lives far away, else I might sneak over and steal Leopard Love back.

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