Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Three years ago today....we renewed our vows! 

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of going down to The States to do some fabric shopping. My wardrobe needs a major rehaul, so I figured I might as well try doing it myself. I never can find clothes that I like anyhow. So here we go:
I've been really bad and let the house get really messy the past couple of weeks. This is what happens when I sew. I do have a one-track mind. 

SO, besides sewing I have been a cleaning fiend this week. My kitchen sink is shiny again and I can actually see the dining room table.

I finished the Autumn quilt top and plan on basting it in the next few days. The vines came out a little funky, but I actually like this quilt a lot more than I figured I would. The pattern was extremely east, just time consuming in the cutting and piecing.

After finishing the quilt top, I moved onto the first top from my birthday fabric bonanza purchase:
I am very happy with the way this turned out. The photo is pre-hemming and I ended up keeping the sleeves on, but you can get the idea.  The fabric is so nice and light that the blouse is super easy and comfortable to wear. I think it actually looks nice, too!
This week's project is going to be some other fashion sewing. And machine quilting the Autumn quilt. I would like to get that done and listed and out of my house! I need another quilt like I need a hole in the head. 

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