Sunday, 22 January 2012

I Has a Headache

I've had a migraine for the past two days. No amount of aleeve is killing it, but I'm ok. 
My blog is mostly used to organize my brain.
Tonight, I am going to use my blog to ease my heart.

A few days ago, an online friend asked for prayers for a friend of hers whose unborn baby boy was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta  type II, or brittle bone disease. The type this baby has is the most severe form and is considered "incompatible with life". Translation: these parents who only found out a few months ago that they would be welcoming a child into the world have to prepare for the possibility that they will not get to take that child home.

When I heard this, it immediately came into my thoughts to offer to make a quilt. I make baby quilts all the time for friends and family, and used to make them for the children's hospital when I belonged to a quilting guild. Since I quit the guild though, I haven't made any to give away. 

Thankfully, my friend took me up on the offer and so now I am making a little quilt for baby.

This quilt is breaking my heart.

Whenever I work on it I cry. I remember the babies I lost and I cry - and I never even got to feel those babies kick, or hold their hands, or kiss their head. I think of the parents whose world has come crashing down around them and I cry.

Don't get me wrong here; I don't cry for the baby. He is such an amazing little soul that his work on earth will be done almost before he even has to start it! He is one of Jesus's very special little children - the ones who get to spend all of their time with Him. What a lucky little guy to bypass the pain of the world and go straight to Heaven and sit at our Lord's feet.
I cry for his family though, and the heartache they are and will feel until they can join him. It ripples, the sadness of losing a baby. People who don't know you, people who will never meet you, cry over your loss.

This shared sadness is what brings us together though. It makes us examine our lives and appreciate the blessings that are heaped on us every day.

So when I cry, I rejoice as well. I thank God for this little baby boy and the good works he is inspiring. I thank God for my living child and my ones already gone, because without them I know I would not have the close relationship with Him that I have. 

Most especially, I thank God for giving us the most precious gift of Jesus, so that we can know death is not the end for us, but only the beginning.

Tomorrow I will finish up the applique on the quilt top and get it quilted. I'm going to ship it this week to a very special family I will never meet on earth, but I'm praying I get to hug them in Heaven.

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