Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Mustard Post

I need to catch-up, but do like some variety in my condiments!

1. Naps are back. With a twist. Little A likes to have herself a nap now, but in having her nap also likes to stay awake until around 10pm at night.  Yes, that's right, my 18 month old toddler likes to stay up later than most adults. Le Sigh. 

2. I have yet to quilt. My days are taken up with baby chasing and apparel sewing. Obviously, I don't have any downtime at night to sew. I put A to bed and then go to bed myself right after. Hubby thinks this is funny.

3.  The apparel sewing is going well. Not so much on sales, but hopefully that will come. I am finding that I enjoy sewing clothes even more than I though. I used to get so frustrated at my lack of skills, so I stopped sewing clothes for a few years. The quilting has helped my sewing skills so much. Thank you quilting!

4. Yeah that's all!

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