Friday, 23 March 2012

The Daily Sock with Marsbar Melts

First things first - The Daily Sock:
Funky zebra. Love 'em. 

Second things after....I finally made The Londoner's Marsbars Melts.   

A. Ma. Zing.

This is all it took for me to bring a little Heaven to the family by way of chocolatey goodness.

Before the went into the oven...

After they came out of the oven....

After I bit into one...

The tutorial is HERE. I made a few modifications just because I stink as a baker and cannot follow directions. 
I used three eggs, 7 tbsp of oil, and dipped my fingers in flour before rolling the cookie around the chocolate bar. I tried it without flour first, and the batter just stuck to my hands. But that's because I had an egg and some oil too much in them and so the batter was stickier.

On a sewing note, I have to look for a new source for the tan colour of my "milky" blouse. I bought the last of it today. Boooo!!!  I absolutely love the colour combination in this blouse so if I can't find a tan I like I will be ever so sad.


  1. the cookies look yummy, but I love that shirt! so cute!

    1. Thanks Tracey! I love the shirt too. Really upset I can't find a replacement for the tan yet so I had to de-list it on the shop. I'm hitting up the fabric district tomorrow with the toddler though! We haz a mission.