Wednesday, 28 March 2012

WIP Wednesday & The Daily Sockies

5 tops for Etsy orders.

New top design:

And in action:
(How's that for an Internet Nurse in Public, or iNIP?)

Stuff you can't see:

  • Business books :(  Bu-bu-bu-boooooring. I tried to convince my darling hubby to do them for me, but apparently he gets enough tax junk at work and has no desire to do it at home. 
  • Lawn care/gardening. The problem with an early Spring is that I have to mow grass in March! I've been working on the roses and dividing some of the more leggy annuals.

In Progress:

  • Mother-in-law's Asian curtain/quilt. One quilted, one to go.
  • My t-shirt quilt. I had it on the quilting frame this week but had to rip out all of the stitches. Having issues with the invisible thread and I don't want to switch over to a "normal" thread since the quilt is 90% finished all in invisible.  

On hold:

  • SIL's baby clothes quilt. Waiting for photos of the kids to print for the final three blocks. She should be sending really soon though!
  • Two custom baby clothes quilts. Waiting on fabric to arrive and tshirts from the customer. Pink and lavender polkadots, I cannot WAIT!

OUT of the closet:
My 2nd Anniversary Wholecloth quilt. It's been moved to a chair in the living room. Once the weather warms up this is going to be worked on while I sit on the patio watching A make a dirty dirty mess of herself in the backyard.

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  1. these are really nice shirts... do they look good on those of us with a little more belly than you (but not the sweater variety!). ;)

    1. Hah - I'm really good at sucking it in!
      I've had several mamas who wear XL get the "milky" top and love it - it is super good at hiding the post-baby poof.
      The single-layer tops don't hide as much, but I think they look nice on other body types, too! I didn't suck it in (again, hah) for a couple of shots with the teal top and it still looks nice.