Wednesday, 21 March 2012

WIP Wednesday

Ok so I had the best of intentions. I did get most of the things I have wanted to get done in the past couple of weeks. Not all, by any means, but most.

I had an explosion of Etsy orders last week, plus an infinity dress to finish, so not a whole lot else got done. I can't complain though, because the orders allow me to fund the side projects!


First, the infinity dress. I wish I'd gotten to keep it!

And a photo of one of the tops:

I don't have a photo of them yet, but I tried out a new design for a skirt and a ruffly tank. Love them both!

Its kind of sad that I can just copy and paste my last list.

No progress:
My tshirt quilt. Really, me? Come on.
MIL's Asian curtain/quilts. They WILL BE QUILTED this coming week.

On hold:
SIL's baby clothes quilt. Waiting for photos of the kids to print for the final three blocks.

In the closet:
My 2nd Anniversary Wholecloth quilt. Yes, we are celebrating the 6th year this year. It's king-sized and hand quilted. I was overly ambitious.

And linking up:

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  1. Wow! A hand quilted king-size quilt! That will be beautiful I am sure. I am making myself a king-size quilt and I want to add some pebble quilting, but I am nervous and it may too big of an area to cover in those tiny pebbles. I'm still debating.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jessica - I took pictures of the quilt to get motivated and I don't even have room to lay it out anywhere! I feel your pain with the pebbles. They will look great but man that'll be a lot of work!