Thursday, 22 March 2012

The (every other) Daily Sock

It turns out, I may be the worse mommy in the world. Poor little A burst an eardrum yesterday because she has a double ear infection. Yes, I know, really common, but still I feel like poop about it. She didn't complain whatsoever about it until the night before last. 

I noticed the massive amount of drainage from her ear yesterday while we were running errands, but didn't put 2 and 2 together until we got home. Thankfully, our doctor has an after-hours clinic on Wednesdays.

Here's hoping she's not allergic to amoxil! 

I needed a white towel yesterday so I figured I'd make a quick trip into my local Giant Tiger. I don't get to go into it very often because, all things considered, it's not that local. 
Anywho, in a giant bin outside of said Giant Tiger are women's socks. Bright, colourful, attractive anklet socks.  10 pairs for $5. Did I mention I need socks?  I couldn't resist. At $5, who could?

All these beautiful socks that I need to share with the world reminded me of The Daily Dress posts over at Nerdbiskit and so I am inspired to write an Every-Other-Daily Sock post now. I really do need to get blogging more.

So yesterday's socks:
Fantastic, no? 

On an I-want-to-cry note, I decided to take some photos of my hand-quilted king-size anniversary quilt that I'm "working" on. It hasn't come out of the closet since A was born. She's turning 2 at the end of June.

Notice anything missing? You might not.

     There should be a ton of blue lines that show me where to quilt. 75% of them have faded.  It took me a WEEK to get all of the designs drawn onto the quilt, and I did them using a lightbox. Now I'm going to need to make templates. Oh boy.  I didn't actually need another excuse not to work on this quilt, but I've got it now.

     The quilting design is mine, so if you steal it please remember where to give credit.

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